Touchsytems from P-DS

Touchsystems from Printec-DS

Variety for any application

PCT – Projected Capacitive Touch

Choose our PCT – products and you will get the best support from the idea up to the finished product

This Technology is very resistant to heat, cold, wetness, dirtiness and dust. The secret is the glass plate. The thickness of this plate can be up to 8mm and is placed directly in front of the display, like a shop window. This is the best protection from vandalism and scratches.
The PCT can be operated with fingers but also with thin gloves.
You can often find PCT systems in the medicine, mechanical engineering and food industry. PCT is also very sturdy and particularly suitable for the use outside in public places (for a ticket machine). 

We offer:

  • ITO-foil or Wire-technology
  • controller incl. software
  • machanical integration by profiles or plastic frame
  • can be combined with mechanical keys
  • back lighted symbols