Radiant touch
Radiant Touch

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Radiant Touch

Radiant Touch is the most innovative touch monitor currently available. Based on the all new transparent OLED by LG it adds state of the art touch capabilities with up to 80 simultaneous touches. As known for OLED monitors, Radiant Touch boosts most vibrant colors and contrast. The sensor is bonded invisibly to the glass of the OLED and does not change appearance or design due to it’s frameless design. Using brighter colors in the content let the monitor to be opaque while darker colors allow the see-through effect.

Radiant Touch is ready to be used now to your creativity and boost customer wow.

Let us know your ideas and we are happy to add additional features like sliding mechanisms or entire vitrines and installations!


  • touch upgrade for LG’s cutting edge transparent OLED
  • frameless design, totally invisible to design of the tOLED
  • using mPCAP-Technology for best touch experience possible
  • ready to be used in your project – now

Key Features

  • 55” OLED panel with bright colors and ultra-high contrast
  • Multi-touch configurable up to 80 touches
  • Mutual Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT™)
  • Slim bezel (7,9mm) chrome plated
  • Screen size: 55“, active area 1210x681mm
  • Native resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (FHD), 16:9
  • Windows 7, 8,10, Linux and Android plug-and-play HID support
  • Custom mounting frame for easy installation included


Für mehr Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte Rolf Zimmermann


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