Our hygiene concept

Hygiene concept for Covid-19

To protect our customers and employees from the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we undertake to adhere to the following infection protection principles and hygiene rules:


  • We ensure a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between all people in our company.


  • All offices are regularly ventilated and the desk arrangements have been adjusted to the minimum distance to be observed. Where this was not possible without further ado, we put partitions into the office space.


  • In cases of doubt, in which the minimum distance cannot be safely maintained, we provide mouth and nose covers. In our own work, we had hand-sewn mouth and nose covers made by our employees in March 2020 and were able to make them available to our company.


  • Uniform rules for breaks and meetings limit the number of people who are allowed to be in a room without mouth and nose covering at the same time. In this way we minimize the risk of droplet infection or contaminated aerosols in the air.


  • Hygiene dispensers are available at all entrances to the building and to the social rooms. Likewise, all jointly used workplaces (e.g. time recording systems) are provided with sufficient disinfectant, so that in addition to the available wash basins, the possibility of smear infection can also be minimized in production.


  • Our operating instructions for the field service and for internal cooperation regulate both the handling of suspicious cases and the options we still have for customer and supplier visits.


  • To maintain customer and supplier contacts, we use various online applications that enable us to hold meetings, product presentations and appointments in image, sound and data exchange without direct contact.


  • We have created the possibility to continue the day-to-day business from home offices and guarantee full system and server connection. This offer of being able to work from home is popular and will therefore also be offered to our employees in the future.


  • Based on the knowledge gained in dealing with such a pandemic, we have drawn up a company pandemic plan. This guideline also ensures the correct and most effective hygiene concept for our company for future or similar outbreaks of disease.