Our new Double Action Switch enables work with the highest precision on two levels. It is extremely durable, robust, weatherproof and customizable.
Double Action Switch

Our new Double Action Switch

Perfekt tactility on two levels

With no other button you can achieve comparable precision and tactile feedback on two consecutive pressure points. These can be used for two different commands, for example to select an action with the first pressure point and confirm it with the second or to execute any movement slowly or quickly. The advantages are obvious: since the finger can remain on the key to switch, the user-friendliness and the accuracy of the execution increase. In addition, the Double Action Switch offers the option of integrating twice the number of functions in a limited area without having to reduce the button size.

Product features

  • Double-Action-Function: perfect tactile feeling of two successive pressure points for two different commands
  • RGB backlit key caps and separately controllable RGB light ring
  • Individual symbols through engraving on the inside - absolutely abrasion-resistant
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Durability > 1 million cycles
  • Mounting behind 3.5 mm front panel
  • Dimensions of 36 x 36 mm, compact version only 30 x 30 mm
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Combination of different technologies (capacitive button and single button) in one control unit possible through further variants of the DS1T series
  • Additional rubber coating possible to make the button completely weatherproof.


In addition to the revised version of the Double Action Switch, which fits to all buttons of the DS1T series, the basic version is still available. This lacks the surrounding LED light ring, which makes the button even more compact. With a housing size of just 30 x 30 mm, it can also be integrated in very tight spaces.


Possible areas of use

  • Machine control panels (e.g. HMI on machining centers, assembly and production systems)
  • Safety areas (logical replacement for dead man's switch)
  • Theater, event and presentations (e.g. control of lighting systems, stage equipment etc.)
  • Slot machines
  • Remote controls in industrial use (accommodating more functions)
  • Construction site and floor vehicles, cranes and rope hoists (fast / slow movements in all directions)
  • Control of devices and accessories in agricultural machinery and special vehicles
  • Medical aids (e.g. lifts, beds, electric scooters, etc.)
  • Realization of projects with small quantities possible



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