Our new capacitive single push-button is extremely durable, robust, weatherproof, RGB backlit and customisable.
Capacitive Single Switch

Our new Capacitive Switch

High precision and state-of-the-art design

The illuminated capacitive switch of the DS1T product series is not only robust and precise, which makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications. It can also be easily integrated into existing systems and is ideal for the modular construction of new control panels. The combination of different input technologies, such as single and double action switches, is made very easy by the DS1T product series. This enables different input technologies to be seamlessly merged behind a front panel. The capacitive switches from our company are part of the new DS1T switch series and provide optically clear feedback with separately controllable RGB LEDs as symbol backlighting and in the outer ring, and at the same time set modern accents in the design of your application.

Product features

  • Capacitive button suitable for a variety of applications
  • RGB backlit key caps and separately controllable RGB light ring
  • Individual symbols, absolutely abrasion-resist, behind the front panel
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Durability > 1 million cycles
  • Installation by simply gluing behind the front panel
  • Dimensions of 36 x 36 mm
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems
  • Combination of different technologies (singel and double action switches) in one control unit possible through further variants of the DS1T series
  • Realization of projects possible even from small quantities



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