Quality management

Our certified quality management system

Our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2004, and is currently ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Regular internal and external audits continuously monitor the compliance of our QM system with the standard. The results of this monitoring, as well as inputs from customer audits, are used to improve and optimize our processes. We constantly set ourselves new goals throughout the company to meet our high quality standards, regardless of whether it is about the working conditions of our employees, environmental protection, aspects of sustainability or the high quality standards in development and production.


"If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own."

- Henry Ford -

That is why we develop quality right from the start in close cooperation with our customers. Our quality planning begins in early development, accompanying the project through to the start of series production. We attach particular importance to ensuring the quality of the product through constructive measures. We achieve this with the help of risk assessments in the early development phase, for example in the form of an FMEA, and based on our experience from over 35 years of product development. Every single product that leaves our company goes through a final inspection in order to offer our customers the highest quality standard.



Good cooperation with our suppliers is important to us in order to be able to optimally use the technical skills and experience of our partners, which is why we rely on cooperative supplier management. We know our suppliers personally, both regionally and internationally, and regularly get a picture of them on site as part of supplier audits. One of our closest partners is Printec H.T. in Taiwan, with which we have been successfully coordinating and mass-producing many customer-specific development projects, mainly in the area of ​​membrane keyboards, for over ten years. The quality monitoring of the supplier processes is part of our quality management system to ensure our own and our customers' requirements.


Sustainability and environmental protection

We are committed to making our products from environmentally friendly and where possible recyclable materials, and to paying attention to sustainable manufacturing processes in our company and in the selection of our suppliers. We oblige our suppliers to comply with all applicable legal regulations on environmental protection, occupational health and safety: In particular when selecting input materials, during production, packaging, transport and disposal at the end of the product's life, we pay attention to the preferred use of environmentally friendly alternatives. Through regular visits to suppliers, we ensure that compliance with our requirements from the quality assurance agreement is also guaranteed.

Our management system serves to support the achievement of our goals, the planning and monitoring of our processes and to ensure the sustainability of our products and activities. For this purpose, the processes and procedures of the company is laid down and their performance and efficiency are checked in a suitable manner using key figures. Our risk management also includes the assessment of environmental issues so that we can implement future-oriented and sustainable approaches without unnecessary risks. For us, the annual internal audits include the monitoring and continuous improvement of process indicators in the areas of sustainability and environmental protection.

Right down to the company management, we are constantly committed to improving the sustainability of processes and products.

In addition, we ensure the environmentally sound disposal of your waste electronic equipment (WEEE) in accordance with the currently valid guidelines for the disposal of waste electronic equipment. The take-back conditions can be viewed in the download area. Send your request to info@printecds.com.



Our quality department will be happy to help you with any quality-related questions.

  • Request declarations of conformity
  • Information about materials (RoHS, REACH, UL etc.)
  • Initial sample documentation (EMPB, PPAP, PPF, customer-specific documentation)
  • Complaint handling
  • Repair request
  • Request an 8D report


Simply send your request to qs@printecds.com.


Complaint handling

Would you like to send in a keyboard for repair / overhaul or process a complaint?

Please send us a short request in advance with article number, quantity and error description to qs@printecds.com. You will then receive an RMA number for further processing. Guarantees are generally repaired and returned within 10 working days after receipt.



You have further questions to our quality management or would like to contact us regarding a repair or complaint