Backlighting technologies

Backlighting technologies

  • Light guide technology

    The use of light guides for key lighting ensures the optical wow effect in many keyboards and customer-specific input solutions.


  • LED backlighting

    LEDs are versatile in the field of input systems and indispensable for data input electronics. Learn more about LEDs in data input.


  • Light Guide Film and Optical Fiber

    Methods such as Light Guide Film and Optical Fiber have been developed to ensure large-area homogeneity of lighting for membrane keyboards.


Lighting technologies for every application

Illumination plays a major role in input systems and appears in different forms. We offer you the entire range of lighting options for every keyboard type. Many of our industrial keyboards are available with symbol backlighting. We also integrate any type of lighting into your customer-specific product. No matter whether foil, silicone, plastic, stainless steel keyboard or capacitive key modules - lighting can be realized in each of these products.

In order to implement the lighting of your input system competently, we have continuously developed our know-how over the past 35 years. That is why we are your partner in the development and manufacture of light guides, an appealing LED backlighting for your membrane or industrial keyboards, light guide films and optical fiber technology. Find out more about the individual technologies on the following pages.


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