LED backlighting

Universal applications with LEDs

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are versatile in the field of data input systems. They are usually attached directly to the circuit board or a foil and their light is used for optical finishing, as functional or orientation lighting. LEDs have become an integral part of data input electronics. The wide range of variants on the market, the low price, the long service life, the simple configuration and the compatibility with electrical systems make the LED as illuminant almost without alternative.


LEDs in various input systems

All products from our portfolio can be equipped with LED lighting. In industrial keyboards made of plastic, stainless steel or silicone, LEDs are used to backlight the key symbols or are used as additional function indicators. In membrane keypads, LEDs are often used as status indicators or as an orientation aid, and LEDs are also often used behind capacitive keypads in order to fulfill the functions already mentioned.

LEDs can serve as a direct illuminant or can create special effects with the help of other technologies. For better light distribution and to save LEDs, they are often installed behind light guides. They also serve as light sources in the Light Guide film or optical fiber technology. In all cases, a variety of different LEDs can be used. LEDs are available in different light intensities or dimmable. In addition, the semiconductor components are available in many different colors or changing colors as RGB LEDs. The wavelength, i.e. the color that the human eye perceives, depends on the semiconductor material and the doping.


LEDs as functional and orientation lights

LEDs are very often used as functional lighting. The LED informs the user by its status (on or off). For example, LEDs on switches indicate whether the switch is active or inactive. In this case, the LED is usually placed directly on or next to the switch. They are also used to display further information. In this case, LEDs are often used behind a kind of legend. Examples of this are control panels or the function lights on the keyboard that indicate the activity of the number pad or the Caps Lock key, among other things.

Furthermore, LEDs are used for orientation during input. In particularly dark locations, LEDs show the user the position of the keys and, if necessary, the key function by means of symbol backlighting. When working outdoors at night or in other very dark working environments, it can also be very helpful to use dimmable LEDs so that the user is not irritated by glare.


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