Engineering & Prototyping

Engineering & Prototyping

  • 3D printing

    With this process, it is possible to manufacture individual pieces from plastic in a very uncomplicated and cost-effective manner. Read more on the topic.


  • Vacuum casting

    Vacuum casting enables us to quickly and inexpensively manufacture plastic components for sample copies of customer-specific input systems.


  • Milling technology

    Our in-house milling machine enables us to quickly and cheaply machine parts for prototype construction.


Construction in our house

As soon as the desired product is specified in the project planning, the construction process begins in our house. We usually make two or more 3D drawings here to illustrate all of the options for our customers. In this project phase, there is a great advantage in bundling our expertise at our headquarters in Steißlingen, southern germany. Because our construction and sales work door to door, there is a continuous and easy exchange, which makes the entire construction process very efficient and we can present our customers with a prototype ready for series production in the shortest possible time.


From the sketch to the prototype

Already from the rough ideas and the simplest sketches, our construction creates a drawing derivation and 3D models, which form a planning basis for the following project discussions and are refined in detail with the requirements of our customers until the finished draft. Thanks to the direct exchange between design and sales, no information is lost and the details discussed flow seamlessly into the product designs. Our customers are supported by the project manager during the entire project planning and can clarify all technical issues directly with him. In some projects there is also a direct exchange between our design and the development of our customers, which in some cases makes joint product planning even easier.

As soon as our customers are completely convinced of the designed product designs, sample production begins. We take on the entire coordination of prototyping the various components, such as the plastic parts from 3D printing or vacuum casting, the manufacture of glass parts and the circuit board unbundling. We prepare a fully thought-out and functional prototype for you.

We also prepare the tool construction for all plastic and silicone parts and have the injection molding tools required for series production manufactured for them. We take on the entire processing effort and coordinate with our longstanding suppliers and production partners in Germany and Asia. You do not have to do anything more than look forward to the result and have the same personal and competent contact for questions of any kind.


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