Very robust keyboard drawers - Little need for space - Also available in stainless steel - Especially for industrial applications!
Keyboard drawers

Our keyboard drawers for special environmental conditions

Our keyboard drawers are especially suitable for use in confined spaces. This particularly robust version offered by us is provided with very good running properties when opening and closing due to the ball bearings. Because our drawers are locked in place, they can also be used in mobile devices such as trains or airplanes.

Depending on the requirements, we can completely adapt the keyboard to the environmental conditions where it will be used, regardless of the pull-out drawer mechanism. From the robust plastic keypad with abrasion-protected key symbols (2-component injection molding) to even more resistant variants made entirely of stainless steel to completely customer-specific keyboards, we can offer this keyboard drawer according to customer requirements.

In order to do justice to the limited space and the special operating conditions and still not have to do without mouse functions, we offer several special versions. We offer all operating options, whether track points for plastic keyboards, touchpads or vandal-proof stainless-steel trackballs. We offer both the touchpad solutions and the trackball solutions in customer-specific input arrangements - according to individual requirements for the drawer input system.

Because the construction and development of customer-specific input systems is directly in our house, we are also able to offer you completely individualized solutions. We can offer any combination of button cap material, long or short stroke actuations as well as haptics tailored to your requirements. Of course, this also applies in combination with any button arrangement or additional control elements such as trackball or touchpad.



  • 19 " drawer keyboard with 1 U (height unit)
  • patented drawer extension with ball bearings and magnetic lock
  • firm locking of the drawer keyboard when inserted
  • excellent sliding properties
  • long service life of the entire drawer keyboard
  • handle bar natural anodized
  • connection variants of all our drawer keyboards: USB and PS / 2