Keyboards in metal housings offer numerous advantages in terms of durability and robustness and are therefore particularly in demand in public and industrial applications.
Metal processing

Metal housing from Printec-DS

The processing of metal differs significantly from the processing of plastics, which is relevant for most household keyboard housings. However, keyboards in metal housings offer numerous advantages in terms of durability and robustness and are therefore often the preferred input solution, particularly in public and industrial applications.

Metals go through processing steps that cannot be compared to the injection molding process for plastic parts. Because nowadays metal is hardly cast in molds due to its very high melting temperatures, but is processed in a solid state. We use stainless steel sheets to manufacture our metal keyboard housings. These can be brought into the desired shape using special cutting, punching and bending systems. Holes and other recesses in the housing can be made by drilling and milling.

Then the open edges are fully welded, so that the later housing is absolutely dust and waterproof. The weld seams and the still sharp sheet metal edges are deburred and smoothed to avoid any risk of injury and to improve the appearance of the housing. However, the more important step in optically finishing the stainless steel housing is the surface treatment. Here we have various mechanical and chemical processes available to achieve the desired effect. The housings, which are in principle ready for use, are polished to a high gloss, brushed, ground, blasted or stained, so that the desired surface structure is achieved.


Properties of metal housings

Due to the thickness of the sheet material of 1.5 to 3 mm that we use for the construction of our keyboard housings made of stainless steel, they are extremely robust and withstand great force, even with tools. The housings protect the inside of the keyboard for many years, no matter where they are used. Because in addition, our stainless steel housings are absolutely dust and waterproof and in principle completely insensitive to weather and temperature. Even oils, certain chemicals and other contaminants that would affect plastic housings negative over time do not attack the stainless steel. In addition, the thick sheet metal provides automatic shielding against electromagnetic influences.

Nevertheless, stainless steel keyboards are not a sensible choice for every application. In some cases, the lower robustness of the cheaper plastic housing is sufficient, in others the high weight of the stainless steel of the stainless steel keyboards is a problem. Stainless steel is usually just too heavy for mobile use. But there are also several options for these cases. If you don't want to do without the advantages of a stainless steel keyboard, but would like to save some weight and price, you can use our ATK keyboards in the housing. These are made from thinner material. As an all-rounder, our lightweight yet very robust plastic housings are a real alternative.


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