Our robust and versatile plastic housings protect the electronics of our keyboards from dust, water and high temperature fluctuations.
Plastics processing

Plastic housing from Printec-DS

All our plastic parts for our industrial keyboards are injection molded from durable materials that can withstand moisture, high temperature fluctuations and other environmental influences for many years. This applies equally to our plastic keyboard housing. The robust and versatile housings protect the electronics of our keyboards from dust, water, heat and cold and are therefore perfect for all industrial applications.

We have designed all our plastic housings according to the requirements placed on industrial areas so that they perfectly meet their practical use in your area of ​​application. Nevertheless, we do not neglect the ergonomics or the appearance of the housing in our designs. The shape of the housing includes the keypads so that ergonomic hand and finger posture is possible when working and the housing and front panels in different sizes, shapes and colors are a real eye-catcher.


Customer-specific housing solutions

However, our expertise in housing construction is not limited to the plastic itself. For example, we offer our plastic housing with additional functions, such as shielding for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). In addition, individual housings and front panels can be designed on customer request. We adapt these entirely to your requirements and finish them with a front film according to your design ideas.

We design customer-specific plastic housings for you freely according to your ideas. We have many ways to implement the construction plan. The first sample housings are usually produced in a 3D printer. This can also be worthwhile for small series. Alternatively, we also offer casting the housing parts in a silicone mold. For the series production of customer-specific plastic housings, we have modern technologies available to manufacture injection molding tools and thus to produce large quantities.


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