Our capacitive keypads are suitable for a variety of applications. Find out more about this technology here.
Capacitive keypads

Possibilities of capacitive keypads

Our capacitive keypads are suitable for a variety of applications. In industrial applications as well as in the household sector, capacitive switch technologies are increasingly appearing in different forms. We at Printec have specialized in the following ways:

  • capacitive switch behind glass or plastic as a system solution
  • ITO foils or nanowire technology
  • Controller including software possible as a complete solution
  • Mechanical integration in customer-specific designs
  • Can be combined with mechanical buttons
  • Homogeneous symbol backlighting 


Printec DS solutions

Our system solutions with individual capacitive switches are based on a sensor solution directly on the board. Here, a single (or more) capacitive buttonsits directly on a circuit board. This robust construction now allows a touch system with any front panels to be built on it. This enables solutions with customer-specific colors backlit homogeneously backlit in LED technology as well as solutions with any number of switches and displays as an integrated solution in customer-specific designs. This optimally complements our product range of mechanical switches (breakthroughs due to a closed surface) with this protected sensor technology, since combination solutions of both technologies are also possible.


Advantages of our technology

Since our capacitive switch is based on permanent capacity measurement and evaluation, it can also be used as a proximity sensor and can be programmed with any function. For example, LED illuminations when approaching are possible as well as a differentiated actuation upon contact. This is made possible by sensitivity settings in the software and the possibility of the sensor to still sense through different materials - for example through 4mm thick plastic, through 6mm glass or through work gloves frequently used in industrial applications. Due to the system design behind a protective front panel, our system is extremely wear-resistant, scratch-proof, dust-proof and resistant to common cleaners, oil, moisture and liquids (protection class IP65 and higher possible). Our sensor technology can also be very useful in areas where high temperature resistance is required or where hygiene, disinfection and frequent cleaning play a major role.


Application areas

This robust design allows applications in outdoor and indoor areas that are not irritated by water drops, moisture or ice deposits. In particular, our capacitive pushbutton can be used for industrial applications. These can be in the control area of ​​machine tools or coffee machines as well as in the area of ​​actuation for locking systems and gates in the outdoor and indoor area. By using individual front panels, applications with special surfaces such as integrated Braille are possible.


Development of customer-specific solutions in our company

We develop complete systems for you with touch controls according to your requirements and ideas. Based on all of our touch technologies (in addition to capacitive switches, see further links below), we assume overall system responsibility, the technical implementation as a 3D model and the integration into specified installation spaces as a full development service. We advise you from the idea and the implementation of the first prototype to the finished series in all technical questions. With us in-house, everything can be done from a single source, from design and assembly to complete system testing and acceptance.


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