Printec-DS once again sets new standards in technology and flexibility in high-quality, variable, dust and splash-proof long-stroke keyboard systems.
Long-stroke buttons

Standards in technology - our long-stroke buttons

Printec-DS once again sets new standards in technology and flexibility in high-quality, variable, dust and splash-proof long-stroke keyboard systems. Designed for a wide variety of applications under particularly difficult environmental conditions.

Our practice-oriented keyboard systems are equipped with comprehensive protection against dust and splash water according to protection class IP65. This means that all contact points and guide elements are completely protected against dust and water. This guarantees your keyboard safe operation at all times and prevents the keys from jamming due to dirt on the guide elements.

Despite the mechanical differences, the supplied dust and splash-proof keyboard systems have one thing in common - the contact technology that has been tried and tested and developed by us for over 35 years: the circuit board with carbon-coated contact points is provided with high-quality silver bridges to cross the conductor tracks. In all cases, conductive silicone rubber closes the contact. The spring function is taken over by the "silicone switch dome" developed by us, which has proven itself through millions of switching operations - a matter of course for one of the pioneers of this technology!


Variants and possible uses

All of our long-stroke buttons have been developed by us over the years and have been tested under the most difficult conditions. Over 35 years of know-how and technological enthusiasm flow into our long-stroke switches. We never rely on our progress, but continue to develop our core competence of long-stroke switches. Over the decades, several variants for different keyboard series and successor models have emerged:

With the switch W, designed for 19mm grid, our own development in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlong-stroke technology begins. This is followed by the switch W16, which resembles the properties of its predecessor, but is suitable for even more compact keyboards and is built into a 16mm. The S8 switch was another important evolutionary step for our keyboard systems and is still used most frequently today. The S9 switch is the successor to our latest long-stroke button.

Our long-stroke buttons are designed as individual switches, which means that customer-specific button arrangements can be made quickly and easily. Our keypads and keyboards can be configured as desired and are interesting for our standard products, large orders and small series.

Switch W16

Switch S8

Switch type "S8" - our current top product

Externally, the keyboards equipped with this switch do not differ from conventional, open keyboards. The secret is inside the switch. Not only the contacts, but also the key guide elements are protected against dust and splash water. Due to its design, the S8 can be used very universally and flexibly. The use of DS standard key caps allows almost any design of the keyboard. The operating comfort is equivalent to that of a high-quality keyboard. For larger quantities, the use of self-contained sealing and actuating mats instead of individual membranes offers the advantage of shorter assembly times with relatively low investment costs. If the quantities justify the investment of a special injection molding tool, the production of a complete key guide plate should first be checked. Then a significant reduction in manufacturing costs can be expected.