Wir entwickeln und produzieren kundenspezifische Eingabelösungen für die Medizintechnik mit einem gemäß EN ISO 13485 zertifizierten Qualitätsmanagementsystems.
Medical technology

Input systems for medical technology

Certified production of input devices according to EN ISO 13485

Input technologies in medical devices

Foil and silicone keyboards are used in the majority of medical applications. These input solutions are convincing due to their durability, simple disinfection capability and, if required, antibacterial surface coatings. When installed, they can have a degree of protection of IP65 and higher. For special applications, there is the possibility of integrating keys with dual switching function as well as touch functions using the OCA bonding process. These technologies provide the product design with a high degree of freedom in terms of shape, color, haptics and tactility for customer-specific solutions.


Your manufacturer of complete solutions

As a developer and manufacturer of complete solutions in the field of input systems, we can supply our customers with the entire operating front including foil, silicone mat, housing, display and PCB ready for installation. The integration of touch screens and other input technologies is also part of our expertise. All components must be tested under strict laboratory conditions that are essential in medical technology to meet the requirements for waterproofness, chemical resistance and easy cleaning.

We specialize in the development and production of input systems for the medical sector. The production takes place at our Taiwanese partner, which is certified according to EN ISO 13485. This guarantees a reliable, high quality and yet inexpensive production of the components. Project planning, development and final quality control take place at our southern German headquarter. This simplifies the communication between customer and manufacturer and guarantees a constant high quality.


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