Freely programmable illuminated keyboard with very small dimensions. Find many more illuminated keyboards here
Programmable keypad DS24TW

The illuminated keyboard DS24TW HL

Freely programmable keyboard with 24 keys and backlighted symbols


  • Comprehensive protection of the electronic components, all contacts and mechanical guide elements against dust and splash water
  • Predestined for industrial applications in the harshest environments
  • High operating comfort
  • All keys are completely programmable
  • Keyboard symbols illuminated
  • High quality lettering using the laser process
  • Degree of protection IP 65
  • Connection variants: USB

Perfect for your individual application

With the freely programmable keyboard DS24TW HL you have the possibility to program a completely individual keypad that meets your requirements. You are not restricted by a given layout, but have the keys lasered according to your wishes. This gives you a keypad that contains exactly the symbols you need for your application. You can then freely program it as you like and assign individual commands to your keyboard.

Because in all of our illuminated models only the key symbols are backlit, but no light shines past the keys, the keyboard is legible even in complete darkness and does not dazzle the user. The illuminated keyboard is also available in various LED colors. Choose yourself whether your key symbols should be green, blue, red or another color.

The keypad DS24TW HL can be used almost anywhere due to its robust design. The keyboard withstands dust and water because of protection IP 65 and the lasered symbols on the keycaps are absolutely wear-resistant. This means that even after many years of intensive use, the button symbols can still be read just as easily as on the first day. The high ease of use and the longevity of the keys also qualify the waterproof illuminated keyboard for industrial applications.

With the DS24TW HL, we, the company Printec-DS, offer you a keyboard that does not compromise between price and performance, but is both high quality and inexpensive. All our keyboards are developed, manufactured and tested at our location in southern Germany under strict quality guidelines (ISO 9001) before they are delivered to our satisfied customers.
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Even more choice of backlit keyboards

The DS24TW HL is just one example of our backlit number pads and keyboards. Our product portfolio also includes backlit complete keyboards made of plastic and number pads made of stainless steel. On customer request we also create your backlit individual solution.


Freely programmable keyboards even more individual

If you are looking for an even more individual solution for a freely programmable keyboard, then our specially developed W series is just right for your application. The keypads with 30, 60 or 90 keys are arranged in a grid and can be exchanged as required to freely arrange keys of different sizes. In addition, the symbols of the comfortable long-stroke keys can be made and inserted yourself. The key module can be added as an add-on to our DS102W keyboard or used individually and is programmable on 2 levels, which means that you can program even more commands in a compact area.


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