Freely programmable keyboard with 30 or 60 keys with self-producible and changeable key symbols - completely individual!
Programmable keyboard W30-W60

Freely programmable keyboards of the W series

The W30 and W60 can be individually adjusted


  • Comprehensive protection of the electronic components, the guide elements and contacts against the ingress of dust and water jets (protection class IP 65)
  • High operating comfort due to long-stroke keys
  • All keys are completely freely programmable (data strings with up to 16/32 digits possible)
  • Only available with USB connection (PS/2 connection we have to program on request)
  • Programmable on 2 levels (double assignment of each key with shift)
  • Key symbols can be made yourself (are protected with transparent caps), or can be lasered if desired
  • Freely selectable button dimensions (1x1, 2x1, 2x2)
  • Housing adapted to the DS 102 W, can thus be added on
  • Housing available in black or gray


programmable keyboards more individual than ever

If you are looking for a freely programmable and customizable keyboard solution, then our specially developed W series is just right for your application. The keypads are available in three sizes with 30 or 60 keys and arranged in a grid. This means that individual keys can be replaced by others, even of different sizes, and arranged freely. The key modules are equipped with comfortable long-stroke keys, on which key caps can easily be placed over two or even four switches to obtain larger key areas for important functions.

In addition, the symbols can be made by yourself and inserted into the transparent caps. For those who do not need this flexibility, we apply the symbols for you by lasering. The key module can be added to our DS102W keyboard or used as a single element and can be programmed on two levels, which means that even more commands can be programmed in a compact area.

Your interest in keyboards of our W series has been piqued and you would like to request a quote or have more information, a data sheet or 3-D drawings. Just get in touch with us.


Other variants of programmable keyboards

In addition to our W series, there are other freely programmable devices from our product range available. We offer keypads with the right properties for every application. Are you looking for backlit keyboard, whether for practical or aesthetic reasons? - No problem. Our freely programmable keyboard DS24TW HL offers exactly that. It is robust, compact and practically at the same time and thanks to the colored illumination of the symbols it is a real eye-catcher.

If you are looking for a vandal-proof stainless-steel keypad that defies almost any external influence and can be perfectly integrated into your existing systems with a noble front panel, our high-quality, freely programmable stainless-steel variant is just right for you.


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