Silikontastaturen von Printec-DS für industrielle Anwendungen, bis zu IP68 staub- und wassergeschützt.
Silicone keyboards

Silicone keyboards

  • DS83S

    Extremely flat silicone keyboards with 83 keys and integrated numeric block. Very suitable for installation and also available with trackball or touchpad.


  • DS85S

    The compact silicone keyboard DS85S is extremely space-saving (238x127x16mm) and designed for the harshest industrial applications (IP68).


  • DS105S TP

    The compact silicone keyboard DS105S TP offers full functionality thanks to its touchpad and 105 keys, is extremely space-saving (309x127x16mm) and designed for the harshest industrial applications (IP68).


  • DS105S TB

    NEW PRODUCT: The compact DS105S TP silicone keyboard is now available with a trackball. It has 105 keys and is designed for the harshest industrial and marine applications (IP68).


Silicone keyboards for industrial applications

Our silicone keyboards are characterized by a robust, dust / waterproof and customizable design. This enables use in almost all industrial applications. Different installation variants, connection options, customer-specific key layouts and many other adaptations are available.

Since every industrial application has different requirements for the input system used, standard keyboards are often not sufficient. However, the development of a special solution is often not profitable and its reliability has not been tested. Since our industry-compatible silicone keyboards are prefabricated in a standardized manner and then refined to customer specifications, they represent the ideal solution to this problem. Our silicone keyboards include the know-how from over 35 years of experience in the field of industrial data input. Since then, our keyboards have been used in many areas of industry. Silicone keyboards from Printec-DS are particularly widespread in machine controls and logistics applications.


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