Extremely flat silicone keyboards with 83 keys and integrated numeric block. Very suitable for installation and also available with trackball or touchpad.

Compact silicone keyboard DS85S

Particularly compact and flat silicone keyboard with dimmable backlighting


  • Certified to marine standard IEC 60945
  • Full functionality with 85 keys with particularly small external dimensions of 238 x 127 x 16 mm
  • Predestined for industrial applications in the harshest environments
  • Backlight brightness adjustable with two integrated buttons
  • Construction with silicone mat and carbon contact technology
  • Well thought-out contact design guarantees reliable contact at every point
  • The keycaps and the top of the housing consist of a continuous silicone mat
  • Protection against dust and water jets (up to degree of protection IP68)
  • Available in desktop housing or with mounting bolts
  • Lasered key symbols for particularly high abrasion resistance
  • Different country layouts on request
  • Plug and play via USB interface or customer-specific interfaces


Technical description

Our new, compact DS85S silicone keyboard was specially developed for industrial applications where there is little space for input elements, but a keyboard is still required. The construction as a silicone mat allows both horizontal and vertical installation of the keyboard. The keyboard has a very comfortable tactile feedback with 1.5mm key travel and 0.6N actuation force.

The construction with a closed silicone mat provides a high level of protection for the electronic components, the guide elements and the contacts against the ingress of dust and water jets (up to protection class IP 68). This allows typical areas of use in industrial applications of all kinds, in the food industry or in humid environments, especially with strong temperature fluctuations (0 to 60 ° C, optionally -20 to 60 ° C).

The combination of a dust- and waterproof silicone mat on the front and a robust stainless steel plate on the back ensures that the entire keyboard (and not just individual components) meets the minimum requirement of 1 million switching cycles even under harsh environmental conditions. Thanks to the laser application, the button symbols remain clearly legible even after years of intensive use.

Another special feature is the key backlighting of the DS85S. Each button is backlit by its own LED, which means that the symbols remain perfectly legible even at night. The operator can easily dim the LEDs using two integrated buttons and thus adapt them to the current lighting conditions.


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