Extremely flat silicone keyboards with 83 keys and integrated numeric block. Very suitable for installation and also available with trackball or touchpad.

Silicone keyboard DS83S

extremely flat silicone keyboard with trackball or touchpad


  •    studied contact design guarantees a safe contact gift in every place
  •    high protection of the electronic components, the mechanical guides and the contacts against dust

       and water spray (protection IP65)

  •    Aluminium strap plate with polyester deck foil
  •    silicone mate (buttons) agate grey, 7038, with printed symbols, different colors possible
  •    splendid button feel with clear snap effect
  •    buttons for windows functions integrated
  •    integrated numeric block
  •    mounting version with threat bolts
  •    LED-Indicators
  •    integrated touchpad or trackball available


Technical description

Our DS83 S keyboard is designed for use in industry and adverse environmental conditions. The construction with a closed PVC cover film and silicone mat provides high protection for the electronic components, the guide elements and the contacts against the ingress of dust and water jets (protection class IP 65). This allows typical application in all kinds of industrial applications areas e.g. the food industry or in humid environments, especially with strong temperature fluctuations (0 ... 60 ° C).

The construction as a silicone mat allows both the horizontal and the vertical installation of the keyboard. The keyboard has very good tactile feedback and a clear snap effect when actuated, which is related to our silicone mat structure (comfortable key grid 16.5mm) and the actuation force of 1.2N.

The surface of the silicone mat has a special PU coating, which makes the keyboard particularly durable and increases its resistance to solvents, chemicals and weathering. The front panel, which forms the actual keyboard surface in addition to the silicone keys, is provided with a decorative film, which provides additional abrasion protection in daily use. This ensures that the entire keyboard (and not just individual components) meets the minimum requirement of 1 million switching cycles, even under harsh environmental conditions.



The keyboard is also available with an integrated touchpad or integrated trackball. This enables us to meet every customer request for mouse functions. For easy installation, this built-in keyboard can be ordered with individual front panels including mounting holes. The decorative foils on the front panels can be executed in a customer-specific design, making each keyboard variant easy to create an individual solution. The silicone mat and thus the keycaps printed with symbols are supplied in agate gray (RAL 7038) as standard. The key symbols are available in every common country variant for the keyboard layout. The silicone mat itself can also be supplied in any company-specific color.


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