High-quality stainless metal keyboards made in Germany - vandal-proof, waterproof and according to customer-specific requirements.
Stainless metal keyboards

Stainless metal keyboards

  • Backlit keypad 12T-ES HL

    A vandalproof number block with 12 backlit keyboard buttons in telephone layout. The illuminated keyboard is Ip65 and of stainless steel.


  • Keypad 12T-ES

    A vandalproof numerical block with 12 buttons in the telephone layout, as a mounting Version available. Developed specially for extreme surroundings


  • Keypad 16T-ES19 (TB)

    A vandalproof protect numerical block with 16 buttons. In different layouts available and as a mounting version. Designed explicitly for surroundings with risk of vandalism.


  • Programmable keyboard 30T-ES

    Vandalproof and free programmable keyboard with 30 buttons. For use in very extreme surroundings. As table version available.


  • Vandal-proof keyboard 62T-ES16 (TB/TP)

    A vandal-proof keyboard 62T-ES16. Designed especially for surroundings with a risk of vandalism. in every country version available.


  • Vandal-proof keyboard 65T-ES (TB/TP)

    A vandalproof keyboard. Designed especially for surroundings with a risk of vandalism. in every country version available.


  • stainless steel keyboard 65T-ES ATK & 84T-ES ATK(TB/TP)

    keyboard made of stainless steel. In every country version available.


  • Vandal-proof keyboard 82T-ES-TB25

    Vandal-proof keyboard with 82-keys and integrated 25mm-Trackball (as mountingversion available). Totally protected against dust and water spray.


  • Vandal-proof keyboard 86T-ES (TB/TP)

    Vandalproof keyboard made of stainless steel with integrated trackball and Desktop housing available.


  • Vandal-proof keyboard 102T-ES (TB/TP)

    Vandalproof keyboard made of stainless steel - with integrated trackball and mouse available.


  • Housing keyboards

    Stainless steel keyboards in desktop housing, for wall mounting, for integration in 19" drawers or fully customized housing keyboards for special applications.


Metal keyboards for every application

Regardless of whether for public, industrial, maritime or military applications, whether on land, water or in the air, we have the perfect solution for you and your application in the field of input. Our vandal-proof stainless steel keyboards are ideal for any application in public and industrial areas where the keypad can be exposed to constant weather and violence. With our stainless-steel trackballs, you get the right, water-protected (IP65) and impact-resistant (IPK08) solution for the mouse functions.

Our high-quality metal keyboards for industry and public areas are available both as built-in versions and in table or wall cases. In addition, some industrial keyboards are also available in a noble and functional keyboard drawer.

We customize each of our keyboards on customer request with a suitable country variant, various connection options, customer-specific front panels and much more. And if none of the products we offer matches your requirements, we would be happy to work with you to develop an individual special solution.

All our metal keyboards are laser-keyed, so the symbols are very resistant to abrasion and all layout requests can be easily implemented. All of our solutions are specially designed for harsh environmental conditions and industrial applications. Our solid workmanship and high quality ensure an IP65 protection class for all our metal keyboards and we guarantee extreme robustness and exceptional durability.

All of our keycaps are ergonomically shaped so that the fingers come to rest on the middle of the keys. In addition, our variants with long-stroke keys enable very precise tactile feedback. Our comfortable and quiet keys with a pleasant pressure point enable fatigue-free working even under difficult temperature conditions (0… 60 ° C). 


Industrial keyboards made in Germany

You can rely on the quality of our keyboards. All of our products are developed, manufactured and tested under the highest quality standards at our company headquarters in southern Germany - ready for use in your application. There our robust metal keyboards work even under the toughest conditions and resist almost any external influence. Regardless of whether dust, water, the effects of violence or strong temperature fluctuations - our keyboards can withstand! And if a repair, replacement or additional purchases are needed, we can guarantee that you will continue to receive them for many years after the purchase.

With more than 25 years of experience and a dynamic and interlocking development and production, innovative strength and know-how combine. In addition, regular external and internal audits, which enable us to demonstrate ISO 9001 certification, confirm our high-quality promise.