The DS-TB38 is a very robust basic element and is available with stainless steel or plastic ball. The Trackball can be used under harshest conditions.
Trackball DS-TB38

Trackball DS-TB38

Basic element with stainless steel or black plastic ball


  • predestined for public surroundings (vandalism risk), extreme industrial surroundings
  • all electronic components and mechanical guides are protected against ingress of dust and water spray (protection IP65, dynamic IP54)
  • impact-resistant to IPK08
  • certain and precise indicator control by high-quality stainless steel waves and ball bearings
  • enclosure in high-quality polyamide
  • almost insensitive to violence
  • mounting version for prepared mounting shafts
  • stainless steel ball, ANSI 316 / ANSI 440, or black plastic ball, 38 mm
  • stainless steel decorating blank faceplate for optimal design (optional)
  • mounting frame (optional)
  • connection options: USB, PS2 and customizedFormularende


Advantages in use

Compared to a classic computer mouse, significantly less arm and wrist movements are required for operation. The palm of the hand can be put down while working, which also protects the wrist of the user and tires him slowly. Due to the compactness of the technology, a smaller working area is also required. The cleaning effort is minimal thanks to the smooth and comparatively small surface of the ball.They can also be programmed for a specific user if required, creating an absolutely precise interface between people and machines. This is one of the reasons why this technology is used very often in interfaces for CAD workstations. But also in security-relevant areas such as in the air traffic control or in the area of design and construction work, people like to rely on this high-quality and robust alternative to the computer mouse.

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