Support until series production

After successful development, we also handle the entire serial production process for you. We take care of raw material planning and procurement as well as the production of the input solution. With extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities at our production site in Germany and an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers in Europe and Asia, we are able to combine the most efficient production processes for your input solution. The result is high-quality processed products at competitive prices.

After strict quality control, the finished parts leave our factory, but this does not mean the end of our responsibility. Your personal project manager will continue to be at your disposal for any concerns and you will receive full product support even after years.


We take over all steps of the serial production of your input solution.

Not only the prototypes are intensively tested by us, but also the series-produced parts go through strict quality controls.

Even many years after series production, you will receive full product support from us.


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