Der neue Wooden Touch Table von Printec-DS, die kundenspezifische Touch Tisch Applikation
Customized Touch Tables

Customized touch tables Made in Germany

The Wooden Touch Table is the latest application from Printec-DS and impresses with its high-quality workmanship and extensive features. With its new touch table, the southern German manufacturer has created a scalable design that can be easily tailored to customer-specific requirements.

The new touch table is technologically impressive on several levels. The PCAP technology used enables multi-touch with up to 80 simultaneous touches. Optionally, the hardware of the table can be equipped with contactless touchscreen technology, force sensing or object recognition. Due to its technological properties, the Wooden Touch Table is ideal for presentations at exhibitions, trade fairs, in entrance halls or meeting rooms, as well as for entertainment and office applications. The pre-installed operating system and the connectivity of the touch table via HDMI, USB, Wifi and Bluetooth make it easy and intuitive to use.


Scalable possibilities

The design of the Wooden Touch Table can be scaled to customer specifications and, thanks to a modular system, can be easily tailored to a wide variety of applications. The table is available with an active area between 46 "and 82". Different table heights offered enable operation while sitting or standing. Optical adjustments, such as the wood of the solid table top, can also be freely selected by the customer.

A few other features of the table show that also the last detail was thought of during development. For example, the table can be easily handled and moved freely through the room thanks to the carrying handles supplied. Cables for internet and power supply are hidden in a table leg.



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