Rolf Zimmermann (links) und der neue Gechäftsführer Thomas Holeczek blicken gemeinsam in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft für Ihr Unternehmen
Change of management on July 1, 2021

New Managing Director for Printec-DS Keyboard GmbH

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Holeczek has taken over the management of the renowned manufacturer of input systems since July 1, 2021. He succeeds Rolf Zimmermann, who will continue as Managing Director until December 31, 2021 as well. But even after his time as Managing Director, Rolf Zimmermann will remain loyal to the company in a supporting role. He has successfully managed the company for almost 40 years and has always consistently developed it with innovations. "I am convinced that Mr. Holeczek will continue to run the company entirely in my spirit and will be particularly motivated to stand up for the interests of our customers and employees in the future," he comments on the change.

Thomas Holeczek (38), engineer for product development, has extensive industry knowledge and also brings management and leadership experience. In the course of his career, Thomas Holeczek has worked as a development engineer for the BMW Group and Bertrandt AG. He has already accompanied the further development and modernization of Printec-DS Keyboard GmbH over the past five years and has already been able to establish several innovations in the company. "I am very pleased that Mr. Zimmermann will continue to be at my side and that I will still be able to benefit from his experience in the future. Printec-DS Keyboard GmbH has a lot to thank him for. However, we also appreciate him that in the future his working day will be extended by more free time."


The Printec-DS Keyboard GmbH

Printec-DS has been successfully developing products in the field of input systems as a renowned manufacturer since 1983. The portfolio now includes industrial keyboards, touch systems, as well as membrane keyboards, silicone mats and capacitive solutions. The Southern German manufacturer knows how to adapt all these technologies to customer-specific requirements and to develop individual system solutions from them.

The company's own claim is to achieve the highest customer satisfaction through the manufacture of high-quality, individual products according to certified quality standards, as well as through outstanding service quality and genuine customer proximity. The company has stood for these principles for almost 40 years and they have contributed significantly to the success of Printec-DS. The new managing director also lives these values and will successfully develop the company further.