Wir entwickeln und produzieren maßgeschneiderte Lösungen in allen Bereichen der Displayintegration und Touch Screen Integration
Display integration

Complete solutions for display integration

Integration of displays and touch screens for a wide variety of input applications

Displays in all applications

Display solutions can be integrated into almost every conceivable application, complement user interfaces and make it easier for the user to control and gain an overview of the functions. That is why displays and touchscreens are omnipresent as control elements in today's products. However, added value for operation is not just created by the combination of different technologies, but is only made possible by the fact that the displays are user-friendly integrated into the operable components.

Depending on the application, this goal can be achieved in very different ways. Displays are often used to supplement tactile operating elements. In other cases, a combination of switches and touchscreens is used. In many applications, large-area touchscreens are completely replacing other input technologies. The goal is always to make usability as easy as possible and to harmonize all components technically, visually and haptically. As a solution partner in the field of input and display integration, we support you throughout the entire development process and produce customized complete solutions. From the integration of small displays in handheld devices to the processing of large touch screens, we are your competent and experienced development and production partner.


Different display technologies for every purpose

Different purposes place many kinds of demands on displays and touchscreens. At Printec-DS, we develop display solutions for the most extreme temperatures, light, dirt and weather conditions. Our integrated display and touchscreen solutions are based entirely on the requirements of our customers and, if necessary, pass the toughest environmental tests. In order to be able to offer the best possible solution for every application, we access a wide range of different display and touch technologies and, in close coordination with our customers, integrate any type of display solution which is required.


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