Touch pads and touch systems for industrial applications. Robust technologies especially for harsh environmental conditions as a partner of Zytronic.
Solutions for touch systems

Solutions for touch systems

  • Capacitive switch and touch systems

    Capacitive switches and touch system solutions with application-specific touch technologies as integrated control elements for outdoor and indoor.


  • Capacitive Touchscreen by Zytronic

    Touchscreen solutions from our technological partner Zytronic UK. Multi-touch solutions as a capacitive touchscreen including glass elements.


  • Radiant Touch

    Discover our new transparent touch screen - a stunning operating and picture experience! Available now!


  • Wooden Touch Table

    Our Wooden Touch Table impresses with its high-quality workmanship and extensive features. The scalable design can be easily tailored to customer-specific requirements.


Touch pads as a system solution from Printec DS

For the setup of touch pads as industrial PCs or as control units for particularly harsh environments, we rely on a combination of different input technologies and on manufacturing in Germany. Starting with a continuous and frameless front surface made of tempered glass, through a sealed, flush-fitting metal frame made of anodized aluminum to the individual rear wall of the housing, we offer an application-optimized system solution for all customer-configurable individual components inside the housing:

  • Design touch pad fronts
  • Glass manufacturing, glass processing and glass printing
  • Laminating capacitive multi-touch sensors on glass
  • Sizes from 7“ up to any display size
  • System solutions including display and computer (lot size 1 possible)
  • Complete assembly and quality assurance
  • Optimization for outdoor applications and harsh environmental conditions


Construction of our touch pad system solutions

The touch integration is done by attaching a sensor to the back of a front glass plate. Operation is not carried out on the sensor itself, but on a wear-resistant and smartphone-like glass user interface (PCAP technology) - even with gloves. In contrast to a design with front foils as a protective surface for the touch unit, the processed, hardened glasses can be used up to a thickness of 20mm and thus offer a clear robustness advantage. The customer-specific manufacture of housings or cover plates is carried out by our partners in Germany, which not only offers the advantage of short response times. The constructional and process engineering integration of all customer-specific individual components into the housings is carried out in our production facility at our German location. An all-round adhesive seal between the glass and the housing eliminates the risk of dust, moisture or water jets entering.

Thanks to our production in Germany, we have the possibility of a comprehensive quality and functional test of all touch pads directly in-house. Starting with the laminating of multi-touch foils on glass to the gluing in the housing to the individual test of all electronic assemblies before delivery, we monitor the entire production process.


Technical features of our system solutions

  • high ambient temperatures during operation
  • Resistance to mechanical influences and impacts
  • Resistance to frequent cleaning (hygiene requirements) and thus to chemical substances
  • no functional impairment due to impurities (drops, ice, dirt, particles, splash water, ...)
    Protection class IP65 (and higher) on the front
  • Robust plug connections to the outside
  • Individual fasteners
  • CE marking
  • high reliability
  • Compatible with various operating systems
  • high ease of use (high precision and operation with gloves)


Possible applications for our touch panel solutions

  • Control of complex machines, especially in environments contaminated with dust or moisture
  • Kiosk systems in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Flight entertainment
  • Fully automatic coffee machines (special temperature and humidity requirements)
  • Industrial or security technology with special requirements for impact resistance
  • Home entertainment for wet rooms directly in the shower or on bathtubs
  • Control building technology for special environments (cold rooms, car washes, ...)


Variants and individualization of our system solutions

There are no limits to our customer-specific system solutions, either through design or installation space, which is why particularly flat solutions or those with particularly small space requirements are conceivable. In particular, the front unit, which serves as a user interface and thus as a human-machine interface, can be customized far beyond the multitouch function we offer in PCAP technology. Sealed glass openings for individual function or system keys and connections on the front are possible, as is company-specific glass printing or special surface coatings for anti-reflective treatment. An extended operating option via our industrial keyboards is also possible - which is still the most convenient input option, especially with longer texts. A combination with our membrane keyboards on the housing or also integrated in the glass surface is also possible.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of input systems, we take care of all steps along the entire process chain for you, from design, construction and technical design through production, assembly and quality assurance to customer-specific individualization.