A vandalproof protect numerical block with 16 buttons. In different layouts available and as a mounting version. Designed explicitly for surroundings with risk of vandalism.
Keypad 16T-ES19 (TB)

Vandal-proof stainless steel keypad 16T-ES19 



  • predestined for public surroundings (vandalism risk), industrial extreme surroundings
  • all electronic components and mechanical guides are protected against dust and water spray - IP 65
  • LP as an electrical version (programmed with symbol occupation) or as a Matrix version (one functions at triggered devices)
  • Carbon-contact-technology
  • hight operating comfort
  • completely in stainless steel construction 1.4301 (buttons, front plate with 3 mm strength)
  • almost resistant to violence
  • key symbols are done by laser etching
  • mounting version for prepared mounting shafts
  • connection options: USB


Technical description

A vandal-proof numeric keypad with 16 keys in stainless steel. The keys are labeled using a laser process, which means that many individual layouts are possible. Available as a built-in version, but also with a stainless steel front panel. In addition, a 38mm stainless steel trackball can be installed here. All of our solutions are specially designed for harsh environmental conditions and industrial applications. We guarantee raw robustness and special durability. Our solid workmanship and high quality are underlined by waterproof variants (protection class IP65).

All of our keycaps are ergonomically shaped so that the fingers come to rest on the middle of the keys. Furthermore, our long-stroke versions enable precise pressure behavior and very precise tactile feedback. This pleasant keystroke on all of our mechanical keyboards and the comfortable and quiet stops enable fatigue-free working, even under difficult temperature conditions (0… 60 ° C).