Zytronic's ElectroglaZ technology enables wireless power supply to devices. The secret of this new technology is a patent pending, highly conductive glass.

Highly conductive ElectroglaZ from Zytronic

What is ElectroglaZ?

Zytronic's ElectroglaZ technology is a customized lamination of non-conductive and conductive transparent glass. The arrangement enables the transmission of energy within the laminate in order to supply several devices with low power (<50 V). The power supply is wireless and invisible to the user. ElectroglaZ is a patent pending technology.

How does ElectroglaZ work?

To take advantage of the power, openings (typically 30 to 100 mm in diameter) are machined into the highly conductive glass into which the required electrical devices are built. These devices combine with the positively and negatively charged inner coatings of the laminated glass. In contrast to conventional power systems, electrical devices built into an ElectroglaZ do not require a cable connection and appear to float freely in an optically clear pane of glass with no visual means of power connection.

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