Zytronic PCAP touch screen sensors enable smooth operation across multiple screens.
Media Wall

Unlimited scalable touch screen media walls

Zytronic's PCAP touch screen foils offer media wall developers the ability to think in limitless dimensions. The individual sensor foils with a size of up to 85" can be lined up without a gap, which makes it possible to realize huge touch surfaces.

The fact that users of a media wall equipped with Zytronic's ZyBrid® Edge do not notice any transition between the sensors, is not only due to the frameless design of the sensor foils, which ensures that the Active Area is not interrupted even over several meters. Another advantage of the technology is that the individual controllers of the lined-up touchscreens can be controlled by a common main controller. This also simplifies a software-based implementation of a borderless media wall, because the controller turns all the individually connected sensor foils into a single coherent surface.

Features for the wow effect

Huge Media Walls will fascinate your users in museums, on retail floors and anywhere else they are used. PCAP touchscreen films from Zytronic have several features that can further enhance this wow effect for end users. The touch controllers, which support up to 80 finger multi-touch, allow a fully immersive user experience. Due to the flexibility of the sensor foil, media walls in curved design can be realized and transparent display solutions can also be perfectly set in scene thanks to the frameless PCAP technology. Zytronic technology offers numerous possibilities for the implementation of special touchscreen solutions.

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