Zytronic technology is ideally suited as a user interface for touch tables and enables object recognition. Find out more here.
Touch Table and Object Recognition

Object recognition on touch tables for improved interaction

For some years now, there has been a growing trend in the touchscreen market for horizontal table applications. The increasing adoption of multi-touch technology has resulted in many consumers wanting a collaborative, multi-user experience with their interactive hardware. To create an exciting customer experience, touch tables are used in retail stores, restaurants, bars, casinos and museums. As this technology becomes more widespread, so do consumer expectations. One way to meet these expectations is through object recognition.

What is object recognition?

Object recognition is a process for identifying a specific object using algorithms which rely on pattern recognition software to recognize pre-programmed "objects". In combination with multi-touch sensors, object recognition offers a new and improved way to get in touch with the user and offers an even more immersive experience in high-end applications by making it available on much larger screens.

In many commercial applications, object recognition is achieved using a system of cameras to detect shapes and correctly decipher the information. Up to now, object recognition with touchscreen technology has been extremely difficult because the two technologies were not particularly compatible. With its MPCT™ technology, Zytronic has developed a camera-free object recognition function that is fully compatible with projective capacitive touch technology.

Zytronic Multi Touch and object recognition

Zytronic's solution is based on attaching physically conductive markers to the objects. These markings are in fixed locations and replicate finger touches. They can be used to activate menu bars, open product directories or control software functions. These markings are advantageously recognized by the existing hardware and no change to the touch table hardware is necessary. A major advantage of this system is that the touchscreen does not react to non-conductive objects such as pens, bags or items of clothing.

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